But is RIPA Safe?

8 September, 2021
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Time value of Money for Software Deployments in Heavy Industry

23 July, 2021


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How is RIPA different than RPA?

2 June, 2021
Have ran into a few folks in the last month or so who have greatly over simplified Robotic Industrial Process Automation (RIPA) by assuming the technology is the same principals as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA is primarily based on rules based logic....
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Future Predictions: Evolution of the Control Room

21 April, 2021
There didn't used to be central control rooms so I can't help but wonder if our past is our future, just with a lot more modern tech. This is my short commentary on how I believe that in the decades to come, control room operators roles will become much more...
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Why isn't 100% contract volume equal to 100% utilized pipeline capacity?

9 March, 2021
We have all heard it before - "we meet 100% of our contracted capacity". Cool, sounds great, but what does that actually mean?
Does that mean its impossible for a pipeline to move any more volume?
What about maintenance? What about unplanned...
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KXL is Cancelled - Now What?

1 February, 2021
I been adding my commentary all over recent KXL posts so figured I would elaborate via video blog.
I know of a great company called Crux OCM (*cough* that's us) that
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Well to Refinery petroleum product movement without phone calls (or faxes!)

19 January, 2021
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What are we missing about the Energy Transition?

13 November, 2020
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RIPA Reduces Human Factors Incidents in Control Rooms

26 October, 2020

Control room operator fatigue is a concern as cited by industry regulators as it is proven to

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Crux OCM: RPA vs RIPA - Presentation for Intelligent Automation in Oil and Gas Conference

23 September, 2020


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