Well to Refinery petroleum product movement without phone calls (or faxes!)

19 January, 2021
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What are we missing about the Energy Transition?

13 November, 2020
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RIPA Reduces Human Factors Incidents in Control Rooms

26 October, 2020

Control room operator fatigue is a concern as cited by industry regulators as it is proven to

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Crux OCM: RPA vs RIPA - Presentation for Intelligent Automation in Oil and Gas Conference

23 September, 2020


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Increasing commercially salable tank capacity for gathering systems via RIPA.

10 September, 2020
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How can you decrease pressure cycling on oil pipeline gathering systems?

25 August, 2020
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How can you move additional volume on Oil Pipeline Gathering Systems?

6 August, 2020

Crux OCM Vblog:  #8

We have finished our initial simulations of a RIPA application on an Oil Pipeline Gathering System. In this video I talk about how this application can result in substantial additional volumetric throughput via use of 

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Crux OCM - Adam Marsden, SVP Client Solutions

13 July, 2020


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Crux OCM - Monika Wasylkiewicz, Software Engineer

8 July, 2020


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Crux OCM - Dariq Charles, Software Engineer

15 June, 2020

Software Engineer at Crux OCM, Dariq Charles comes from the financial sector where he worked at Goldman Sachs.

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