Crux OCM - Monika Wasylkiewicz, Software Engineer

8 July, 2020


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Crux OCM - Dariq Charles, Software Engineer

15 June, 2020

Software Engineer at Crux OCM, Dariq Charles comes from the financial sector where he worked at Goldman Sachs.

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Crux OCM - Lukas Steiblys, Software Engineer

11 June, 2020

Software Engineer at Crux OCM, Lukas Steiblys, comes from silicon valley with experience at start-ups, Google, and hedge funds.

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Crux OCM - Masih Sekhavat - Commissioning Engineer

8 June, 2020

Crux OCM's Senior Commissioning Engineer, Masih Sekhavat, has spent most of his career to date commissioning oil wells in Northern Canada. 

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Crux OCM - Donna Banks - Operations Manager

4 June, 2020


Crux OCM's Operations Manager, Donna Banks, has spent her career  to date in Silicon Valley working with multiple start-ups. 

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Crux OCM - Curtis Marcotte, CFA - SVP Corporate Development

1 June, 2020

Crux OCM's SVP Corporate Development, Curtis Marcotte, has been in the oil and gas industry most of his 30-year career. 

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Crux OCM - Roger Shirt Founder Interview

29 May, 2020

Here is a little about Crux OCM's co-founder and CTO Roger Shirt and how Crux OCM started.

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Crux OCM - Vicki Knott Founder Interview

26 May, 2020

Here is a little about Crux OCM's co-founder and CEO Vicki Knott and how Crux OCM started. 

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What is RIPA?

12 May, 2020

Crux OCM Vblog: Week 7

In this blog we are discussing Robotic Process Industrial Automation (RIPA) and how it is similar to Robotic Process Automation (RPA)...

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Cutting Costs in the Oil Patch - Presentation for Plug and Play Energy

5 May, 2020

Crux OCM Vblog: Week 6 

This video outlines how Crux OCM's software to fully automate control room operators procedures, checklists and rules of thumb enables cost savings opportunities for Oil and Gas assets.

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