Cutting Costs in the Oil Patch - Presentation for Plug and Play Energy

5 May, 2020

Crux OCM Vblog: Week 6 

This video outlines how Crux OCM's software to fully automate control room operators procedures, checklists and rules of thumb enables cost savings opportunities for Oil and Gas assets.

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What do Oil and Gas Mines have in common with Amazon?

22 April, 2020

A 2-minute dive into what make oil and gas mines like Amazon...

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Transition from Oil and Gas to Tech - Engineering (Monika)

20 April, 2020

Crux OCM Vblog: Week 4

Quick interview with Monika Wasylkiewicz

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Laid-off this downturn? Geophysics to tech career transition interview

20 April, 2020

Crux OCM Vblog: Week 3 

This is a very tough time for many. While we are all aware of the cyclical nature of oil and gas, the addition of COVID-19 is making for an unprecedented time and many folks in our network are being laid off or are worried about being laid off.

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How is Business Continuity  going?

20 April, 2020

Crux OCM Vblog: Week 2 

Business Continuity is a term we hear a lot of these days.

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It's been a rough couple of weeks in the oil patch

15 April, 2020

Crux OCM Vblog: Week 1 

Starting a video blog. 

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