Links to open Oil and Gas Jobs

Negative oil prices are a historical moment for all of us. We at CruxOCM are a small company, but we want to do what we can to help out anyone we can in our industry. We have seen this done on Airtable in the tech world especially when there are large lay-offs. We wanted to bring this same helpful intention to Oil and Gas.

Here are links to open jobs that we found in the USA and in Canada.

Link to USA Oil and Gas open positions list.

Link to Canada Oil and Gas open positions list. 

  • You do NOT have to "sign up" and give us your info to access these lists (we actually just want to help if we can and are not trying to get your info, yes we will see that you visited our site, but we will not know who you are). 
  • Please share with anyone who can benefit from this. 
  • Please feel free to add/edit - this is an open source list. 

We understand that general job searches will help you find a lot of the postings on this list, our intention is to simply make another way to help people who are finding themselves laid off a way to find a new and rewarding job in oil and gas during these difficult times. 

If there is interest, we can create a similar list for folks who have been laid off but only if there is demand for it. 

We have said it before, and we will say it again, if we can personally help anyone with connections, check out our LinkedIn accounts, and we will make any warm intros we can.