But is RIPA Safe?

In heavy industrial operations, oil and gas specifically – safety is number 1. We design all of our software at Crux to ensure all critical safety constraints are maintained. We had an early customer point out to us that we are in fact, a redundant safety system. By residing outside of the SCADA system (or DCS) and connecting via OPC, we ensure that its impossible for our software to issue commands that can overwrite these critical constraints. Not only do you then have the local PLC constraints and the SCADA/DCS constraints, you have another layer in the RIPA platform. Not only does RIPA execute commands on behalf of the control room operator, but its unable to issue commands outside of the critical constraints inside of the Crux software, inside the SCADA/DCS and inside the local PLC. Three layers of safety are better than 2 and for sure better than 1.