Well to Refinery petroleum product movement without phone calls (or faxes!)

All control rooms I have been in manage product transfer between interconnects (where one company transfers ownership of a "batch" of petroleum product to another company) via very limited data on SCADA screens and with phone calls. Nominations of crude products are handled via fax machine (I can't remember what those look like).

Right now optimization efforts of the supply chain are siloed to each companies assets, rather than the entire supply chain. If assets were "connected" to each other and reacted accordingly to the dynamic movements in a live supply chain, significantly more product could be moved across the system as a whole.

We hyper focus on "optimizing a well" or "optimizing a refining unit" but these efforts only have minimum pay back if there are bottle necks in the supply chain as a whole. Leveraging control and data exchange to connect the supply chain between operating companies has the potential to be an excellent solution to the current lack of investment for new oil and gas infrastructure.