KXL is Cancelled - Now What?

I been adding my commentary all over recent KXL posts so figured I would elaborate via video blog.
I know of a great company called Crux OCM (*cough* that's us) that
 automates control room operator workload for pipelines, resulting up to 4% additional volumetric throughput. For all lines leaving Canada, that equals 154,000 bbl/d or approx. 1/3 of the Trans Mountain Expansion (TMX) capacity. All WITHOUT new infrastructure. Imagine what else innovation could do with our existing and awesome infrastructure not only here in Canada, but in the USA and across the world.
Let's do some more math, because math is fun:
154,000 bbl/d at current WTI price ($52 USD per bbl) is $8M USD per day or $2.9BILLION USD per year (or approx. $3.8BILLION CAD per year).
Wow. As a Canadian I'd like to get me some of that economic uplift.
Canadian pipeline companies, my email is vicki@cruxocm.com :)