Make an impact with CruxOCM

Our success depends on bringing on the right team and talent as we continue to expand our product offerings.

We currently have 30 experienced and diverse employees and expect to hire 5-8 more within our Software Engineering, Advanced Process Controls, and Deployment teams.

Reasons to join by open role:

- If you are a software engineer, you want to join CruxOCM because how else can you actively be a part of the energy transition by helping the biggest funders of renewables - existing energy companies - be more efficient. Plus, your software will be next to the metal, which is an upgrade from the ad optimization you have probably been working on. 

- If you are an Advanced Process Control Engineer, you want to join CruxOCM because, in your existing role, you are likely fighting for the budget to complete the optimizations that you want to complete, or your company is starting to offshore your role. Come to CruxOCM and build first-of-its-kind software for control room operators themselves. 

- If you are a SCADA or Leak Detection Engineer, you want to join CruxOCM because you know just how tough the job of a control room operator is, and you are already dedicated to making them successful. You understand the problem and want to join a team where you can be part of the solution via new technology. 


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