Why Work at CruxOCM?

Why work at CruxOCM?


The No. 1 reason of course if because we are awesome; however, if that is not convincing enough for you then have you heard of Enterprise Deep Tech companies? That’s what we are. So the following things that are super cool about CruxOCM is as follows:

  1. You can have an impact on real things. Many tech companies are working on things like Ad Optimization. Here are Crux, we are having an impact on how humans live their lives everyday. By helping control room operators work more safely and efficiently, billions of people in the world have the energy they need everyday.
  2. We are a remote first company! Work from anywhere, take a working holiday, we are into it and all do it ourselves. We currently have a deployment manager from Canada spending his winter in Mexico and our Head of Engineering toured the USA in an Airstream trailer for the first 1.5 years of his time at Crux.
  3. We have a diverse and inclusive culture. Our team speaks more than 9 languages and have 8 (now 9 as of today!) nationalities represented on our team. We cannot do what we do without our amazing diverse team!
  4. If you want to solve super hard technical problems – then we are the place for you. Algorithmic problem solving mixed with physics and heavy math. All of that stuff you were so good at in university can be back in your life if you come join our amazing team!